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Starting Your XanGo Business from Nothing Part 2

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When we began building our XanGo organization there were no tools, there were no stories, a handful of testimonials, but we believed in the company, the product and the corporate team. Now we have tools galore, and testimonials and personal success stories!

If I were you, I would order some tools so that you can build your business. These are business expenses. You need:

•A good supply of Magic Wands
•Doctors’ Choice newspapers
•Phone Power by Bob Schmidt
•CDs by Drs. Templeman, Anderson and Walters (take a look at all of the CDs available to see if they can be useful fortraining and recruiting, such as
“The Magic of Leverage”; “The History of Network Marketing”, etc.
•DVDsI would invite my friends and family and begin by holding home meetings. The DVDs, Pack One and Pack Two are just lke having Sherman and Dr. Templeman
in your home. The DVDS right now are priced ridiculously low, they are only $5.70 each rather than $19.95.

Pack One has two DVDs in it, the first one is The Magic Wand Opportunity Presentation. The other DVD in that pack How To Build Your Business Using the
Magic Wand. This feature Sherman as the speaker.

Pack Two features Dr. Templeman and also contains two DVDs. He does a great and in-depth training on the mangosteen and the xanthones. These two DVDs
are so informative and entertaining that you will enjoy learning all about the primary ingredient of our great product, the mangosteen.

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